The Vaccine Book

New 2019 Revised Edition
By Dr. Bob Sears
The Vaccine Book

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A Tale of Two Sides

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Dr. Bob Sears

"Today's childhood vaccination schedule of 69 doses is complicated, and you as a parent are entitled to know what you are giving your child. You have a desire (and a responsibility) to make informed health care decisions for your family. Until recently, vaccines were viewed as an automatic part of childhood. But today's parents are taking a more active role in making choices for their child's medical care. That's what this book is all about -- information. Open, honest, complete, and accurate information that all parents can use."

-- Dr. Bob Sears - The Vaccine Book Introduction

New in the 2019 edition

  • New vaccines and the expanding vaccine schedule

  • Updated disease statistics, trends, and outbreaks

  • New section on the spread of mandatory vaccination laws

  • New discussions on herd immunity, vaccine risk, vaccine safety research, the health of naturally-minded families, and other new ideas and controversies

  • Completely new chapter on choosing if, how, and when to vaccinate

  • Revised to better reflect the author's advice and opinions on this complex topic

The Vaccine Book


A Tale of Two Sides

Looking for a novel way to learn about vaccines and the diseases they target? Want to present the vaccine discussion to your family and friends in a more creative and entertaining way? Check out A Tale of Two Sides, a series of inter-related tales that combine the heart and science of the vaccine debate like never before. Join a cast of unforgetable characters as they live (and die) through heart-breaking medical challenges, political pressures, media mastermining, and societal debates that seek to undermine the freedoms we all hold dear. Written under a new pen-name, this first work of fiction captures the very essence of all I have learned about the vaccine decision. Check out my brand new Resources page here


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Note: If you are emailing me to ask why Amazon lists my book as the old 2011 version, don't worry. They just haven't updated their description yet. If you buy the book through my Amazon link above, I send you the new 2019 edition myself -- signed. Enjoy!