The Vaccine Book

New 2019 Revised Edition
By Dr. Bob Sears

"Today's childhood vaccination schedule of 69 doses is complicated, and you as a parent are entitled to know what you are giving your child. You have a desire (and a responsibility) to make informed health care decisions for your family. Until recently, vaccines were viewed as an automatic part of childhood. But today's parents are taking a more active role in making choices for their child's medical care. That's what this book is all about -- information. Open, honest, complete, and accurate information that all parents can use."

-- Dr. Bob Sears - The Vaccine Book Introduction

New in the 2019 edition

  • New vaccines and the expanding vaccine schedule

  • Updated disease statistics, trends, and outbreaks

  • New section on the spread of mandatory vaccination laws

  • New discussions on herd immunity, vaccine risk, vaccine safety research, the health of naturally-minded families, and other new ideas and controversies

  • Completely new chapter on choosing if, how, and when to vaccinate

  • Revised to better reflect the author's advice and opinions on this complex topic

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