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New Covid Chapter

Highlights from this brand new chapter:

  • My journey through the pandemic, from doing my part to flatten the curve (for about two weeks) to raising awareness of the truth

  • An honest analysis of Covid infection and how its risks vary depending on age and overall health

  • How the three major types of Covid vaccines are made (mRNA, DNA, and protein-based) and what the ingredients are of each

  • A research-based look at how well each type of vaccine works (or doesn't work)

  • Side effects and risks of these vaccines compared to the possible benefits

  • A detailed comparison of the pros and cons of getting Covid vaccines, particularly for children

  • The way I see it: my own personal take

And if you already bought a signed older version of The Vaccine Book directly from me through my Amazon page, Contact Me Here with your Amazon order ID number and I'll send you a PDF of this new chapter for free!

New Covid Chapter: About Us
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