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Evolution of The Vaccine Book

The Vaccine Book was originally published in 2007. This First Edition reflected my understanding of the vaccine decision at that time based on my initial 8 years of experience as a pediatrician and my thorough review of all the research. Back then, many of my patients wanted an alternative vaccine schedule that emphasized on-time vaccination against the illnesses that posed a realistic threat to their infants while delaying or skipping altogether the ones their children were not at risk from. Many parents shifted away from following the full CDC schedule of getting 8 or 9 vaccines at each infant check up and preferred an alternative schedule that gave fewer doses at a time. 

In 2011 I updated the book as a Second Edition with some new research and ideas that broadened the discussion. I've been the recipient of some interesting criticism from both sides of the debate. The mainstream criticizes me for discussing vaccine options that fall outside of the recommended CDC vaccine schedule, which "clearly is safe, effective, and saves lives." But some on the other side have been even more harsh, bashing me for suggesting that kids get any vaccines at all. However, these fringe groups aren't my audience. They don't need my book, since they've already decided what to do, or not to do. My audience are the middle majority - the 95% of people who just want education and are trying to decide what to do.

The truth is, I've never advised anyone to get a vaccine in any of my books. That's because I don't give direct medical advice in my book. I don't advise people too vaccinate, just as I don't advise them not to vaccinate. I simply provide information and ask the reader to decide in partnership with their doctor. Some readers misconstrued my alternative vaccine schedules as an active recommendation that parents should do all those vaccines. That wasn't my intention. My alternative schedules were there for people who, in partnership with their doctor and after doing all their research, wanted to do some vaccines and wanted a way to logically space them out. Basically, if you decide to vaccinate, here's how you can do it. I also became aware that some were simply following my schedules without reading the rest of the book, so they weren't understanding all the information they should have to make an informed decision. Thus, the Third Edition was born in 2019. 

Over the past 12 years I've seen a shift away from following alternative vaccine schedules. More and more parents, both in America and worldwide, are choosing not to vaccinate at all in the early years. Some start vaccines later and some do not. At the same time, I've seen more and more pediatricians make vaccines mandatory for their patients. No shots, no service. Since I'm almost the only pediatrician in my county who will see these families, my practice has become about 99% vaccine free in my infant and toddler population. No one in my practice even seems to want an alternative schedule anymore. They raise their kids vaccine-free for the first several years (their choice, not mine), and then about 10% of them will do the 14 injections required for California schools spread out over a couple years. 

So, the Third Edition (2019) reflects my experience working with these families and observing these trends. I no longer feel comfortable publishing a specific schedule and I ask my readers to develop an alternative schedule with their own doctor if they decide they should do some vaccines. I added a whole new chapter on how to navigate this decision and I more clearly and openly discuss my opinions based on all my research. 

Another reason for my shift is the growing threat of mandatory vaccination laws. I think if certain state governments had just left well enough alone (meaning, people could freely make their own choice about vaccines without discrimination or suffering economic and societal penalties), then many of us would still be calm and quiet about this issue. But no more. They drew first blood. They are trying to make vaccines mandatory in more and more states, so we are working harder to grow the health choice movement so that everyone can enjoy the freedom to make all medical choices for themselves and their children. 

Plus, the podcast and my video series on have been even better outlets for me to educate parents worldwide on this topic. 

Thank you for your readership. We are on this journey together, and it's nice that every day that passes we become a bigger people. 

Dr. Bob